Define a Secret


You can define a new Secret in the Stitch UI. Secrets are not included in exported application directories and cannot be imported.



Create a New Secret

You can define a new Secret from the Secret configuration screen in the Stitch UI. To navigate to the configuration screen, click Values & Secrets in the left-hand navigation and then select the Secrets tab. Click Add a Secret.


Name the Secret

Enter a unique Secret Name. This name is used to link to the Secret from authentication providers, service configurations, and Values.

Secret Name Restrictions

Secret names must not exceed 64 characters and may only contain ASCII letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens. The first character must be a letter or number.


Define the Secret

Enter the value that the Secret refers to in the Secret Value input and then enter the same value in the Confirm Secret Value input. The values must match in order to save the Secret.


Save the Secret

After you have named and defined the new Secret, click Save. Once saved, you can immediately reference the Secret by name in service configurations and secret Values.