Values & Secrets


Stitch Values and Secrets are static, server-side variables that you can access or link to from other components of your application. You can access Values directly from Functions and rule expressions and link Secrets to configuration values for service and authentication providers.



A value is a named reference to a piece of static data stored by Stitch that you can access in Functions and rules.

Values can resolve to two types of data:

  • A plain text value resolves to a regular JSON object, array, or string that you define.
  • A secret value resolves to the value of a Secret.


A Secret is a private value that is stored on the Stitch server, hidden from users, and not included in exported applications. Secrets are useful for storing sensitive information such as a service API key or an internal identifier.

You cannot directly read the value of a Secret after defining it. Instead, you link to the Secret by name in authentication provider and service configurations. If you need to access the Secret from a Function or rule, you can link the Secret to a Value.


You can only define a Secret through the Stitch UI or Admin API.