Stitch Errors

The following describes various MongoDB Stitch error codes and possible resolutions. If you are unable to resolve the issue after following the suggested resolutions, please contact the team through the Intercom icon located in the Stitch console.

Client Errors

Issue The requesting individual has not authenticated with Stitch. In Stitch, a minimum of anonymous authentication is required for a user to make a successful request.
Resolution Ensure that your application is assigning some sort of authentication profile to a user before they make a request. You can read more about authentication here.
Issue The session currently being used by the end user is no longer valid, does not match the user’s listed domain within the app, or the user profile does not exist within the app.
Resolution Ensure that the requesting user exists within an enabled authentication provider. If this is the case, attempt re-authenticating with the user.
Issue The function submitted cannot be resolved into executable form or cannot be executed in its current state.
Resolution This error will be associated with a corresponding error message which identifies the specific stage causing the issue. If you are unable to resolve your error using this, please reach out through Intercom for additional support.
Issue The domain of the e-mail associated with the User account is disallowed by the authentication configuration.
Resolution Ensure that the e-mail domain is explicitly allowed by in your authentication configuration or add additional options for sign-in.
Issue Stitch limits Array functions to 10,000 documents. Your instance of Stitch is is being rate limited as it is making a request that exceeds this threshold.
Resolution We recommend when dealing with requests of this size that you look into paginating results or making multiple requests. Please keep in mind that a high volume of requests of this nature can incur significant billing.
Issue You are passing an invalid parameter to your function or a required parameter was not found.
Resolution This error will be associated with a corresponding error message which identifies the specific parameter causing the issue. It must be added as a parameter or adjusted to the format that the function expects.
[Service] Error
Issue A connected service (e.g. MongoDB, Twilio, GCM, HTTP, AWS, MongoDB, etc.) sent an error to Stitch instead of the expected result. This error can occur with any connected service.
Resolution In many cases, additional information about this error will be available in the Stitch console from the Logs section in the corresponding Details field. Stitch passes along any additional error context provided by the service. Please ensure that the data you are passing to the corresponding service is formatted as expected and review the logs associated with the corresponding service.
Issue The namespace requested does not have any rule associated with it. Either it is not exposed through Stitch or does not exist.
Resolution Check you MongoDB Rules to ensure that a rule is properly added. Read more about MongoDB rules in Stitch here.
Issue An internal error within Stitch prevented your application from executing the request correctly.
Resolution Try your request again, if the problem persists please reach out to our team through Intercom.

Administrative Errors

Issue The code in question references an entity (Auth provider, service, function, etc.) that does not exist or is not enabled.
Resolution Ensure that the entity in question exists within your application and that you are referring to it by the correct name (e.g. case-sensitive).
Issue There is an existing entity (Auth provider, service, function, etc.) of the same type and with the same name as an entity that you are attempting to create. Names must be unique within an application and entity type. For example, you can have a function and service named foo but not two services named foo.
Resolution You will either need to choose a new name for the entity you are creating or rename the existing entity.