MongoDB Mobile Features


MongoDB has deprecated MongoDB Mobile. We are focusing our efforts on Realm, the most popular database for mobile devices.

Stay up to date and see what we have planned.


MongoDB Mobile is an smaller version of the MongoDB database, optimized to run on mobile and IoT devices. The following sections define the platforms supported, and the feature differences between MongoDB Mobile and MongoDB.

Platform Support

MongoDB Mobile supports development on the following devices:

OS OS Version Target Architecture
iOS 11+ armv8-a
iOS Simulator 11+ x86_64
tvOS 10.2+ armv8-a
tvOS Simulator 10.2+ x86_64
watchOS 4.3+ armv7-k
watchOS Simulator 4.3+ i386
Android 5.0+ (Lollipop) armeabi-v7a
Android 5.0+ (Lollipop) arm64-v8a
Android 5.0+ (Lollipop) x86_64

Comparing MongoDB and MongoDB Mobile

To improve the size and performance of MongoDB Mobile, some components found in MongoDB 4.0 are not included in the mobile version. The following list details the components that are not included:

  • Sharding and Replication

    MongoDB Mobile operates as a standalone instance with a single node present on the mobile device.

  • Storage Engine Configuration

    MongoDB Mobile uses SQLite as a simple key-value store behind the scenes due to its stability and prevalence on devices. As such, MongoDB Mobile does not provide the ability to configure the underlying SQLite deployment or use other storage engines.

  • Database Authentication

    MongoDB Mobile only accepts connections that originate from within the application. These connections are trusted, so database authentication is disabled in MongoDB Mobile. When moving data between MongoDB Mobile and an external component, we recommend using a combination of authentication and security rules on the server-side.

  • Encryption/SSL

    MongoDB Mobile does not use SSL for connections to the local database. However, when using the Stitch SDK to transfer data outside of the device, connections are encrypted with SSL.

    Additionally, MongoDB Mobile does not provide encryption at rest. MongoDB recommends that users encrypt necessary fields within the application before storing the data in MongoDB Mobile.

  • Change streams

    MongoDB Mobile databases do not support the creation of change streams.

  • Server-side JavaScript Execution

    MongoDB Mobile does not support Server-side JavaScript execution.

  • Transactions

    MongoDB Mobile does not support transactions.