Change Stream Logs

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Change Stream log events are created whenever a user opens or closes a stream of change events with the watch API.

Log Format

Change Stream log entries have the following form:

   "arguments": [
      "collection": <collection>,
      "database": <database>,
      "filter": {
         "documentKey._id": {
            "$in": [
               "$oid": <uid>
      "useCompactEvents": <bool>
   "name": "watch",
   "service": "mongodb-atlas"

Function Call Location: <location>
Remote IP Address: <ip address>
SDK: <sdk>
Platform Version: <version>>


Field Description
Remote IP Address The IP Address that sent the request to MongoDB Stitch. (e.g.
Platform Version The version of the platform that sent the request.

The SDK used to send the request. Potential values include any Stitch Client SDK. For a browser, this is <browser> <SDK version>.


This request came from the Stitch JS Browser SDK version 4.0.0 running on Mozilla Firefox

SDK: firefox v4.0.0

This request came from the Stitch Android SDK version 4.6.0 running on Android Marshmallow:

SDK: android v4.6.0
Function Call Location The data center in which the function was executed.